Doing Good, Made Simple

Besita Madalitso was so malnourished when she was born in the Malawian village of Mthirakuwiri that that she weighed barely 4 pounds. A year after her mother had to turn-over the care of Besita to her grandmother, Desilia Davide, Davide feared it might be too late. 

‘Pizza with a Purpose’ Offers New Model for Corporate Social Responsibility

We call Malawi’s Pizza “pizza with a purpose” because we are not just a pizza restaurant, but a new model for corporate social responsibility.


Hopefully, you’ve heard our story. The business is the vision of the Utah businessman Blake Roney and Chef Kent Andersen, who wanted to set up a sustainable program for donating meals to hungry children in the impoverished southeastern African nation of Malawi. From that, the Meal-for-Meal Exchange Program was born. So too was the “purposeful franchise” business model, which raises the bar on corporate social responsibility.

Thank You!

As we here at Malawi’s Pizza – Pizza with a Purpose ™ celebrate hitting the 1 million mark in our Meal-for-Meal Exchange Program ™, we want to express our sincere thanks to you, our loyal customers.