Why Malawi’s Pizza?

Malawi’s is Pioneering the Delivery of Gourmet Pizza in the
Fast-Casual Restaurant Industry.



The Food

At Malawi’s Pizza, iMalawisExport-2075 Caprit really is all about the food! Chef Kent Andersen is a French-trained chef with years of experience creating delicious gourmteam-kentet dishes. You really can taste the difference in the freshness and quality of our food. Every detail from the stone oven to the individual ingredients used in each dish has been carefully designed to deliver a one of a kind experience. This line of proprietary products is exclusively available only to our franchisees.




The System

Our process starts and ends with our guests. We’ve created the standards, the training, and the resources needed to help our franchisees achieve their goals. Each step in the franchise systems is carefully designed to maximize profit, employee efficiencies, and guest satisfaction. The training program ensures you will deliver the same high quality food and excellent service as our flagship and other franchise restaurants. Our streamlined nationwide distribution system can deliver our proprietary products to your location with the simple flip of a switch.

The Tools & Resources

Screenshot (2)We do the heavy lifting, so you can spend your time preparing and serving great food to your guests. Our Team’s  years of experience in restaurants and franchising has contributed to an impressive and intuitive support system. Ordering food, supplies, marketing materials, and other items needed to operate your restaurant couldn’t be easier.


Our collective buying power and strategic vendor relationships provide our franchisees with competitive food pricing and distribution so you don’t have to spend valuable time negotiating and tracking down a missing food order or wondering if you are getting the best prices on cheese or pepperoni.

Provo North Picture


When it comes to restaurant site selection and construction we’ve already teamed up with some of the best people in the industry. Our team will help you identify the best restaurant locations in your area. Then once you’ve signed  your lease we’re there to walk you through the construction details. We’ve already mapped out the process to getting open as fast and as easily as possible.



The Malawi’s Pizza Food Lab

Malawi’s Pizza is able to maintain that fresh and unique taste through our team of chefs’ attention to detail, natural curiosity, and passion for food. You will be training right alongside our experienced team and will have constant access to their guidance and mentor-ship.


Using state of the art culinary technology keeps us a step ahead of the competition. The Malawi’s Pizza Food Lab is managed by a certified chef and serves as a production kitchen to supply our proprietary products to our franchise locations throughout the country. The Food Lab not only helps us maintain food consistency and a reliable supply chain, but also acts as a creative kitchen where new dishes and specialty items are created, tested, and proven before being served to our guests.




The Brand

Malawi’s Pizza is the only gourmet pizza brand that pairs amazing food with dedication to nurturing children around the world. We are a premium brand with a purpose. Not only do we support the Meal for Meal program, but our nurturing philosophy extends to our guests, employees, franchisees, and vendors. We are looking for people that share this same vision and passion.


Are you ready? Let’s Get Started!



Co-Founder Blake Roney and family visiting with Malawi children and families.

Our Team

Kent Andersen


Award-winning chef, Kent Andersen understand the balance between food and business. As a Certified Executive Chef (CEC) with the American Culinary Federation and an MBA graduate, he is well-qualified and equipped with the knowledge to understand what works in the operations of a restaurant. Chef Kent is equally passionate about creating a clearly-defined road to success for our franchise partners and oversees the operations task-force for Malawi’s Pizza.

Blake Roney


Blake Roney is one of the Founding Partners of Malawi’s Pizza. Prior to entering the restaurant industry, Blake was a Founding Member of NuSkin Enterprises (NYSE: NUS) and served as its President and CEO from 1984 and its Chairman from 1996 to 2012. While on a tour through the country of Malawi, Blake saw firsthand the devastating effects of malnutrition in under-priviledged children and decided to do something about it.

Ben Litalien
Chief Development Officer


Dr. Ben Litalien joined Malawi’s Pizza as its Chief Development Officer during the formation of the company. Ben has invested over two decades in the franchise community, with a broad range of key management and franchise building experience. His specific strengths are in social franchising, strategic planning, organizational development, and franchise system growth. He has developed and implemented strategic plans for a diverse group of companies within the United States and abroad.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are you looking for?

We stress the person over the resume, however our ideal candidates will typically meet the following criteria:
• Proven restaurant operations experience in quick-service, fast-casual area
• Familiarity of your development area
• Estimated liquidity of $250,000
• Commitment and passion for the Malawi’s Pizza purpose and standards
• Willing to be the partner YOU would like to worth with.


What are average sales*?
  • $1,323,898 Average Annual Gross Sales
  • $13.12 Average Check per Person
  • $11,504 Annual Earnings Per Seat
  • *All represented figures are disclosed in Item 19 (Financial Performance Representation) of the Franchise Disclosure Document.


What is the initial investment to start a Malawi’s Pizza restaurant?

The estimated initial investment ranges from $398,446 to $694,500 as disclosed in Item 7 of our Franchise Disclosure Document. The range of the investment will range from market to market. The estimate does not include any finance charge, interest, or debt service obligation.



How long does it take to open a store?

Once you take possession of your location, it will typically take 3 to 4 months to opening your doors. Each location may vary depending on market conditions, time of year, construction, permitting, etc.


What is the franchise fee and recurring fees?


Single Site Franchise

The current Initial Franchise Fee for a single location is $45,000 and 6% royalty.

Area Development Franchise

The current Initial Franchise Fee for an Area Developer is $45,000 for the first store with a $10,000 per Store Opening Credit returned to the Developer for every subsequent store opened within their territory. Area Developers in compliance with the Development Schedule and Agreement are eligible for Service Support Credits of 1% to 2% of Gross Sales.


What is the typical size of Malawi’s Pizza store?

Our stores range between 3,800 to 4,200 square feet. For more information please refer to our Defining the Details brochure



What type of training and support can I expect?

The Malawi’s Operator Training is a two-week comprehensive program consisting of classroom and on-the-job training at our corporate headquarters. We additionally provide a Restaurant Opening Team for 5 days of on-site pre-opening and grand opening support and training.



How fast does it take to cook a pizza at Malawi’s?
  • 90 Second Pizza Cook Time
  • 4 Minutes 45 Second Average Delivery Time from Order to Table
  • 22 Minute Average Table Turn Time

Getting Started

At Malawi’s Pizza, we take great pride in taking the time to get to know our guests. So it naturally follows we want to get to know you and give you the chance to get to know us. The following 8 steps outline the general process you can expect in evaluating the Malawi’s Pizza Franchise Opportunity.
1. Fill out our Franchise Inquiry Form

Getting the conversation started is easy. Tell us a little bit about yourself; your background, the area you are interested in, and the number of units you’d like to open.

2. Information Session 

Once you submit the Inquiry Form a representative from our franchise development team will call you to answer a few initial questions, and schedule a time for a more in-depth discussion.

3. Review the Franchise Disclosure Document

The Franchising Industry has gone to great lengths to ensure consumers like you are protected and given accurate information. Following your discussions with the Development Team, they will send you a Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) which we are required by law to give you. The FDD will outline general information including build out costs and other expenses that you can anticipate in opening your franchise.

4. Site Research

Start looking for a restaurant site. This may seem a bit premature, but we want you to start doing research in your area by identifying several potential locations right away. This not only helps you visualize where your business may be, but also helps you to really hit the ground running once you make your decision to become a franchisee. The Development Team will give you several tools to assist you in this step.

5. Discovery Day

You can only talk about the amazing pizza for so long. We want to meet you face to face by scheduling a Discovery Day. This is a chance for you to visit the flagship restaurant, taste the food, tour our production kitchen, and meet the team. This is a great chance to witness firsthand what the support structure is like and shake hands with the people that will be helping you all along the way.

6. Sign the Franchise Agreement

You may be far enough along the way that you will be ready to sign your Franchise Agreement as part of your Discovery Day visit, or you may need more time to make your decision. There’s no pressure to sign at Malawi’s Pizza, we want to ensure you are completely comfortable and confident becoming our next franchisee.

7. Start Construction

Whether you are seasoned restaurateur or entirely new to the industry our system carefully maps out construction process from start to finish. The Team is here for you at each step along the way.

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8. Attend Training

With a firm date for a grand opening we will schedule a date for you and your team to visit the Corporate Offices for in-depth business and operations training. Your time will be split between classroom instruction and real hands on experience working in our flagship restaurant. You will leave completely confident that you and your team will be ready to go on opening day. And just to make sure, we also send a team down with you to help you those first few days in your new store.

Training and Support
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