Utah businessman Blake Roney was on a humanitarian trip in Malawi when he realized the people in the struggling southeastern African nation needed more than occasional outside help. They needed food, and on a regular and sustained basis.

From there the idea for Malawi’s Pizza – Pizza with a Purpose was born, a company created with the core mission of doing good through franchising by donating a nutritious meal to a child in Malawi for every meal sold.

Blake partnered with local Chef Kent Andersen to create the concept. And today, nearly a million meals have been provided through the Meal-for-Meal Exchange Program. The program also helps grow Malawi’s economy by purchasing local wheat and having it blended with vitamins and nutrients by local businesses, which then deliver it to children and their families throughout the country.


It’s a program that is a true lifesaver for a country where many people where people have ample food only in the years that they are fortunate to have enough rain for a good growing season.
Following yet another poor season in 2016, an estimated 2.8 million people there are now grappling with hunger.

Malawi’s Pizza – Pizza with a Purpose gives consumers a delicious way to make a difference every time they go out to eat. It also offers franchisees a new model for engaged corporate social responsibility by making philanthropy a cornerstone of their business model rather than an afterthought.